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Graham Utility Hydrovac Services

Like many large cities, Belleville and its surrounding communities need a complex network of systems, such as hydro lines, power lines, telecommunication lines, and underground pipes, to manage their use of fuel, power, water, and waste. Without these systems, people would have no way to run their homes or businesses safely. This is something you should keep in mind if you need to dig anywhere nearby.

Digging with traditional equipment or heavy machinery could result in accidental damage to any number of a city’s utility systems. However, you may avoid this concern if you consider our hydrovac services around Belleville.

As an expanding business in hydrovac excavation, Graham Utility Hydrovac Services can help you dig with pressurized water, which is safer than traditional manual or machine digging and poses no risk of damage, around hydro lines, power lines, telecommunication lines, and other similar systems.

What Makes Our Hydrovac Services around Belleville Safe?

Using hydrovac excavation, also known as hydro excavation, daylighting, potholing, or vacuum excavation, Graham Utility Hydrovac Services breaks up dirt and material with high-pressure water. Once enough dirt and material has been broken up, we can vacuum it up into a truck through a hose, which we then drive offsite to a disposal facility.

This method is safer, more efficient, and non-destructive compared to traditional manual or machine digging because it does not pose a great physical impact on any workers or objects nearby that could get in the way.

You can use this method to do the following and more safely:

Catch basin cleanouts
Culvert cleanout
Curb box replacements
Daylighting or potholing
This involves exposing underground utilities/infrastructure
Pole hole excavation
Utility locating
Water haulage

To learn more about these hydrovac services, please give us a call.


Use hydrovac services for a less exhausting and more secure method of excavation.

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